C H A P T E R 5 The Way Forward If the Holy Spirit has created some awareness in your heart, the next step is to acknowledge His nudging. The journey of a disciple of Jesus is one marked with repeated awareness, repentance and transformation. When we allow God to transform areas of our lives, we come truly alive. We feel His pleasure. God calls us to be holy—to be set apart for Him. od is the source of our supply; He is the one we depend on— not a job, nor the world’s economy but on God’s provision and God’s economy. God is our Source and Provider. The next step, whether our disobedience was a result of ignorance or wilfulness, is to repent in order to make a G 3 1 | u n m a s k i n g m a m m o n Unmasking_Mammon_book_4.5.indd 31 2018-07-11 7:41 AM