bring God’s people out of the worldly systems and through prayer and repentance into Godly living—in all arenas. We want to be the Good News. Our lives should evidence transformation (language, conduct, lifestyle, and yes—money management) so that we can share the hope we have within us, to show the love of Jesus and the way to live new lives surrendered to the One who redeemed us. God has called us to ‘make a voice’ in Canada in this area of financial discipleship. We value and appreciate the role of the local church and its discipling ministry. Please feel free to connect with us to discuss how we can best support you in your role. You can connect with us at 3 9 | u n m a s k i n g m a m m o n Unmasking_Mammon_book_4.5.indd 39 2018-07-11 7:41 AM